Department of Higher Education

Training Programme on Geoinformatics

Importance of Geoinformatics

Spatial Science is an emerging field of study in the recent years. The application of Geographical Information System (GIS) with input from Remote Sensing (RS) is becoming an essential tool for planners and decision makers. Consequently, a steady growth in demand for trained faculties and manpower to address the different emerging issues is noticed. Besides, this growth in demand is subsequently opening vistas for employment opportunities at various levels in both Government and Non-government organizations/institutes.

Geoinformatics & Remote Sensing Cell

Since its inception in 1993, the wing has undertaken various application oriented projects in the field of RS & GIS and comprises of an energetic group of specialists. Their expertise spans across application of RS & GIS in diverse fields. Besides, the cell has a large archive of data and satellite imageries and is equipped with a equate number of latest Graphics Workstations; GIS, Image Processing and Photogrammetric software as well as sophisticated GPS instruments. The Department, based on their years of experience, realized the increasing demand of trained professionals and domain experts.

In-order to cater to this demand and create a pool of well-trained manpower of different levels, the Department started organizing various courses since 2008. The following courses are conducted.

Courses Offered
•  Certificate Course in Remote Sensing & GIS (started from 2009)

Objective: Hands-on training on the subject.

Target Group: Faculties of Universities/Colleges, officials of the line departments/organization of the Government.

•  2 weeks Short Term Course in Remote Sensing & GIS (started from 2012)

Objective: To give an overview of the subject and demonstrate application potentials of Remote Sensing and GIS technologies

Target Group: Faculties of Universities/ Colleges, officials of the line departments/organization of the State Government.

•  1 week Short Term Course, Advanced Level (This course will commence from 2017)

Objective: Disseminate knowledge of Advanced Geoinformatics and their potential applications to experts of various domains for widespread use of this technology in their fields of specialization for societal benefit.

Target Group: Faculties of Universities/ Colleges, officials of the line departments/ organization of the State Government with basic knowledge of RS & GIS.

•  1 year PG Diploma in Geoinformatics (affiliated MAKAUT) (started from 2008)

Objectives: Human resource development in this field through intensive hands on training on various aspects GIS, Digital Image processing software, together with GPS, DGPS and Digital Photogrammetry etc.

Target Group: This course is meant for fresh Postgraduates.

In-order to meet the huge demand of the above mentioned courses a new State-of-the-art laboratory has been set up to accommodate more number of participants in each course.

The main aim of the training programme towards supporting human resources development for the growing field of Geoinformatics through a structured training course on subject matter in Eastern India is gradually being fulfilled. The candidates successfully completing the courses are significantly contributing towards the field in various capacities like faculties, research scholars and professionals in Governmental as well as Private Organizations.