Department of Higher Education

Entreprenuership Development Programme

Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp

DHESTBT-GoWB has initiated this programme since the year 2008 with a special emphasis on Science & Technology component in entrepreneur with an aim to create entrepreneurial awareness and highlighting the merits of pursuing this as a career option among Engineering, Technical & Science Students, for which a camp of three days duration is being conducted in the premises of an academic institution.

The objective of such camp is to inform the students about various facets of entrepreneurship – its pros & cons, motivation through creativity, technical, commercial and financial aspects of setting up a SSI unit with scientific approach, how to write a project report and business plan (preliminary idea), support and financial assistance from Govt. agencies, banks, financial institutions etc., venture capital, success stories of practicing entrepreneur, common problems faced by an entrepreneur including a nearby factory visit. At the end of the camp, participants (in groups) give one presentation of any business plan/ project in front of panelists and a token award is provided for first three groups. Each participant is provided one “participation certificate” and/or a token gift.

Employment problem is increasing day by day in our country tremendously and at the same time it is not possible to give employment to all the unemployed persons. Considering the fact Department of Higher Education, Science & Technology and Biotechnology, Govt of West Bengal provides financial support to various skill development programme, mainly through different NGOs/ Educational Institute, using S&T inputs by which self employment as well as upgradation of skilled man power is generated with a major emphasis on SC/ST/OBCs. All these training are having different durations depending upon the requirement and the type of beneficiaries. These training covers mainly practical and hands-on-working experience and some basic theoretical knowledge provided by the experts/resource persons having skilled in the particular fields.

•  Short term HRD programme on plant tissue culture is organized for 4 weeks at a cost of 1000.00.

•  Long term HRD programme on plant tissue culture is organized for 12 weeks at a cost of 3000.00.

Project proposal must be followed as per DHESTBT FORMAT with the following additional points:

i.  Schools, colleges or other Govt. institutions may apply for the installation of Roof top rainwater harvesting (RWH) system.

ii.  Proposal must include a write up of RWH, Layout/ Drawings of Proposed RWH; Estimate must be based on Bill of Quantities with latest rates of PWD.

iii.  Proposal must be Vetted at the level of an Executive Engineer or above of the district.

iv.  Proposal should preferably be forwarded by the District Magistrate.